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Project Description
SharpSort is a free open source plugin for VS that makes it easier for Visual Studio 2008 developers to maintain their code clean and readable at all times by grouping and sorting source code members. You can also define your own custom code layout or use predefined ones.

It basically refactors your code and makes it more readable. It is also usefull when u need to group certain code members because they are logically connected. For example, it is very usefull to group and order methods that ASP.NET framework executes sequentially (OnInit, OnLoad, OnPreRender, RenderControl ....). I already created a sample layout called "ASPLayout" that will refactor your code as explained.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, you can contact me on my mail account.

If you want to do a better plugin and use this project as a tutorial, you are welcome to do so. Please contact me when you have made it and send me a link to it.

Please, help me in making this tool even better, SharpSort needs your support.


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